Do you feel limited in singing?

With a Soloshell in your home, you are independent of the schedules of the people around you and you save the time and energy it takes to go to a rehearsal studio.

There is only one way to become a great singer: to sing!
We believe that anyone can reach any skill level with the right amount of effort and guidance. Soloshell lets you put in all the effort you need, and we would be happy to help find a guide too, so that you can reach your full potential .

Soloshell radically reduces outside noise giving you a perfectly dry recording that impresses listeners and makes editing a breeze.

Soloshell hangs neatly on the wall, taking up very little space when not in use – and it can be folded out in seconds.

Soloshell blocks out distractions, enabling you to focus on your craft.

We only improve by failing and and Soloshell gives you the privacy you need to do that invaluable exploring and find the unique quality in your voice that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Answer yes to any of these, and
Soloshell might be the solution for you!

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This is a perfect solution to recording in the rehearsal studio!

Jesper Østergaard

Musical Entrepreneur

A true gamechanger for a lot of musicians.

Aisha Fukushima

RAPtivist, Singer & Speaker

“Here’s how Soloshell works”

– Allan Sejer Ertner, Inventor of the Soloshell

Sing When You Want

Get the most out of every minute of the day.
Soloshell absorbs the sound just like a professional recording studio.

Record Perfectly

Use your time to refine instead of repairing.
Soloshell blocks out noise and gives you perfectly dry recordings that will make editing a breeze.

Setup In Seconds

Don't waste your effort getting ready.
Soloshells patent pending hinge system easily gets you singing in seconds.

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Welcome to the future of singing.

Choose your solution:


  • Lifetime Support
  • Honeycomb Cardboard Body
  • Acoustic Foam Interior
  • LED Single Strip Lighting
  • Wall Dock


  • Lifetime Support
  • Small Birch Plywood Body
  • Acoustic Foam Interior
  • LED Dual Strip Lighting
  • Power Bank
  • Travel Dock
  • Wall Dock
  • Microphone Quickmount

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  • Lifetime Support
  • Personal Design Consultation
  • Exclusive Materials
  • Fabric Covered Interior
  • Adjustable LED Cove Lighting
  • Wall Dock
  • Accessory Quickmount
  • Accessory Set
  • Nocturnus Ventilation System

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  • Lifetime Support
  • Service Package
  • Personal Design Consultation
  • Matching Soloshell Tour Set
  • Exclusive Veneer, Glass Fiber OR Seaweed Body
  • Custom Interior Package
  • Custom Decoration Package
  • Custom LED Lighting System
  • Custom Wall Dock
  • Custom Accessory Quickmount
  • On Site Installation

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