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“Great ideas are only valuable
when grown properly”

Allan Sejer Ertner

Product Developer, Sejer Ertner Studio

“The world only gains if you think long and hard about what you make for it.”

Allan Sejer Ertner

Industrial Designer, Sejer Ertner Studio

There is plenty half good solutions in the world – let’s make it better with something really great.

Allan Sejer Ertner

Interior Designer, Sejer Ertner Studio

Help through growth stages

Ideas are roughly grown in stages, and it is often unclear if you have answered all the right questions to move between them.

I will guide you to the optimal path where you make the right decisions and execute effectively.


your idea

From vague ideas to functional prototypes.

I will help you know that you are solving your problem correctly and develop it into the best functioning solution that fits within your budget.


your solution

From rough sketches to enchanting 3d visuals.

I will help you make sure that people understand the qualities of your solution while making sure you are not over spending on production.


your finished product

From hand drawings to CAD.

I will help you make sure that your visions are executed properly by the people realizing them.

We are all experts in something, and mine is navigating and executing growth.

What I have grown

I believe that you can achieve true greatness when doing what you love. So here’s a selection of the projects I’ve loved working on.

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